Mike Taibbi Bio, Rolling Stone, Siobhan Walsh, Article & Net Worth

Mike Taibbi Biography:- Who is Mike Taibbi?

Mike Taibbi is an American journalist who previously worked at NBC News. Taibbi received the Edward R. Murrow Award four times due to his perfect skills in journalism. Additionally, he has also won an Emmy Award in the same field. Nevertheless, Mike retired in 2014 after covering several events, among them the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Mike Taibbi's Image
Mike Taibbi’s Image

Taibbi has enjoyed part of his career journey working with various TV networks attached to Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, New York. Additionally, he worked at ABC News as well as CBS News TV affiliates before joining the “television news magazine” chain “Dateline NBC” station in 1997. Nonetheless, Taibbi corresponded on Afghanistan as well as the Iraq Wars in the 2000s.

Mike Taibbi’s Age, Birthday


Mike Taibbi is 74 years old, born as Loren Ames Denny in 1949 in Hawaii United States of America. His date and month of birth are not yet known to the public.

Mike Taibbi Nationality and Ethnic Background

However, having been born in the US, Mike holds American nationality by birth with a white ethnic background. READ MORE: Janet Wu WCVB, Bio, Husband, Bloomberg, Homeward Bound, & Boston.

Mike Taibbi Family Background | Parents and Siblings

Taibbi was born out of wedlock by a Hawaiian Filipino mother named is Camila Salinas. Mike served through his foster parents who adopted him at the age of 7 and 8 years. His foster parents are called Gaetana and Salvatore.

The family was so loving and caring and they brought him the name Mike Taibbi in N.Y. City when they stayed. The name Tabbi originated from Lebanon and Sicily.

Siobhan Walsh Mike Taibbi’s Wife/Spouse and Children/Kids

Taibbi is married to Siobhan Walsh. They are blessed with a handsome hardworking son called Matt Taibbi who works as an independent journalist. Matt previously worked as an editor for “Rolling Stone”

Mike Taibbi’s Education Background

He studied at Rutgers University, New Brunswick in Jersey, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science English, and sociology in 1971.

Mike Taibbi Rolling Stone

Matt Tabbi who is the son of Mike Tabbi worked as an independent journalist and a supporting editor for the Rolling Ston.

Mike Taibbi Siobhan Walsh

Taibbi is married to Siobhan Walsh his long-time girlfriend. The two are blessed with a son called Matt Taibbi. Mat has also followed in his father’s footsteps in journalism. He has provided reports on sports, politics as well as finance. Additionally, Matt is also the author of several books.

Is Matt Taibbi Related to Mike Taibbi?

Yes, Matt is the son of Mike Taibbi. He worked as an independent journalist and has also been a contributor to Rolling Stone. He is also an author.

Net Worth of Mike Taibbi

Taibbi has managed to build a significant amount of wealth over the 40 years he worked as a journalist. His estimated net worth ranges between $800,00 -$1 Million.

Mike Taibbi Leaves NBC

Mike left NBC after working for 4 decades in the media industry. Before working at NBC, Taibbi first worked at local stations in Boston and New York. Later worked at CBS News, and ABC News, and finally where he opted to rest in the media business.

Taibbi started working at NBC News in 1997 where he worked as a reporter for “Dateline NBC.” Before then, he worked at CBS’ “48 Hours,” of which earlier he had worked at ABC in London as a reporter for the station.

Taibbi started his TV journalism career in 1971 when he served as a correspondent for the WCVB-TV network in Boston. Additionally, served as an investigative journalist for the WNAC-TV network in Boston and New York stations:- WNBC and WCBS networks.

Jeanne Taibbi

Jeanne is married to Matt Taibbi (Mike Taibbi’s son) Jeanne works as a family physician. The couple together with their 3 children stay in Jersey City, New Jersey.

What happened to Matt Taibbi?

In 2020 April, Matt made it public that he was not going to publish his writing via Rolling Stone any longer. He then stated that onward he will publish his online writing himself.