Matt Taibbi Bio, Net Worth, Rolling Stone, Podcast, Article & Books

Matt Taibbi Biography

Matt Taibbi is an American journalist, Podcaster, and author. Taibbi currently works as a Newsletter publisher on Substack, he is an author of many books as well as a Rollingstone contributor editor. Nonetheless, Matt has worked as a financial, sports as well as a media correspondent.

Matt Taibbi Age, Birthday

Taibbi whose full name is Matthew C. Taibbi was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America on March 2, 1970. Matt is now 52 years old. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday every 2nd March of the year.

Matt Taibbi's photo
Matt Taibbi’s photo

Matt Taibbi’s Ethnicity, and Nationality

Additionally, Taibbi holds American nationality by birth, having been born in the United States Of America and of mixed Ethnicity.

Matt Taibbi’s Height, Weight, and Other Measurements

Matt is tall in appearance. He has an average height of 6ft 3in. However, his other body measurements which include his body mass are publicly not available at the moment. READ MORE: Mike Taibbi Bio, Rolling Stone, Siobhan Walsh, Article, Net Worth & (Matt)

Matt Taibbi’s Family Background| Parents and Siblings

Taibbi is the son of Mike Taibbi (father). His father Mike, previously worked at NBC-TV. He holds Filipino as well as Hawaiian Native descent. Nonetheless, Matt’s father grew up alongside his Italian-American foster parents who adopted him at the age of about 7-8 years.

Furthermore, Taibbi is not Lebanese nor Sicilian even though the name Taibbi originated from the two countries. This is because his father was adopted. Additionally, Matt holds Irish descent following his mother’s roots.

Matt Taibbi’s Wife/Spouse and Children

Taibbi is happily married to Jeanne Taibbi who works as a family physician. The two are blessed with 3 children namely; Max, Ezekiel Marlowe (born April 21, 2017), and Nate (born October 13, 2015). In 2014, Matt and his family lived in Jersey City, N.J.

Matt Taibbi Education Background

Taibbi went to Concord Academy in Concord, Massachusetts. He then proceeded to New York University, where he took a transfer after his freshman academic year to Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y. Matt then graduates after completing his course in 1992. Furthermore, Matt studied at Leningrad State Polytechnic Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia for one year.

Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone

Taibbi became a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, in which he wrote feature-length articles on local as well as global events. Additionally, he wrote political online posts every week titled “The Low Post”, for Rolling Stone magazine’s website.

Matt Taibbi Podcast

In 2019 August, Matt set afloat a political podcast which was co-hosted together with Katie Halper called “Useful Idiots”. The show was reported via Rolling Stone.

Moreover, the podcast has positively grown and promoted several guest interviews such as the interview with Andre Damon, Liz Franczak, Cornel West, David Dayen, Glenn Greenwald as well and Aaron Maté. However, in 2021 March, Matt made it public that “Useful Idiots” would no longer be announced by Rolling Stone nonetheless, it was shifting to Substack.

The program was received with little swap in the support staff. Moreover, it has since been published by Substack as a video as well as an audio column as a paid and free contribution.

Matt Taibbi Book

Taibbi has written many books, such as “The Great Derangement” which was launched in 2009
Griftopia of 2010;
The Divide of 2014;
Insane Clown President of 2017;
I Can’t Breathe of 2017;
Hate Inc. of 2019.

Matt Taibbi Salary:- How much money does Matt Taibbi make?

According to a celebrity net worth report, Matt currently earns an estimated salary of $1 Million per year.

Matt Taibbi Net Worth:- Details of Matt Taibbi’s net worth explained

Currently, Matt’s estimated Net Worth is $17 Million. Furthermore, he is a successful award-winning author and a journalist.

Therefore, it is no doubt he has secured a credible amount of wealth throughout his active career journey. Furthermore, Taibbi has made his wealth through his successful career as a journalist and an award-winning author which has been his primary contributor to his wealth.

Matt Taibbi Article

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