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Michael Baden Biography/Wikipedia

Michael Baden is an American physician and author. He is also a board-certified pathologist known for his investigation of high-profile deaths in the country and beyond. Baden hosted the HBO documentary series called “Autopsy” for nine seasons, and became a contributor at Fox News then joined the network in 2003.

Michael Baden Image
Michael Baden Image

Between 1978 – 1979, Michael served as the chief medical examiner of the City of New York. He was born on July 27, 1934, in New York City, New York. He got married to his first wife, Judianne Densen-Gerber on June 14, 1958, but got divorced 39 years later in February 1997. Three years later he got married for the second time to his current wife, Linda Kenney Baden.

Michael Baden Age / Birthday

Born in Bronx county, New York on July 27, 1934, Dr. Baden celebrated his 87th birthday this year. Michael is 88 years old.

Michael Baden Height / Measurements

He stands at an average height of 170cm or 5 feet 7 inches tall. However, Michael’s other body measurements are still unavailable. READ MORE: Tucker Carlson FOX NEWS, Bio, Age, Wife, Tonight, Salary & Net Worth

Michael Baden Education

He received a B.S. degree from the City College of New York, and an M.D degree from the NYU School of Medicine. Michael was a chief resident in pathology at Bellevue Hospital and served as a medical examiner for the City of New York for 25 years.

Moreover, he serves currently as the chief forensic pathologist for the New York state police. He has been called to investigate many high-profile cases and he has also appeared in numerous court cases as an expert witness. Apart from the U.S.A, he has investigated death cases in other countries as well.

Michael Baden Family | Wife/Spouse | Children

Baden has been married twice. His first wife was Judianne Densen-Gerber, a fellow physician and Odyssey House Drug treatment program founder, whom he divorced in 1997. In 2000 he married Linda Kennedy, a former prosecutor turned private trial attorney.

She has represented many high-profile clients, such as ex-NBA star Jayson William, Phil Sector, and many others. Dr. Baden is a father to four children now all adults. Two daughters, Dr. Trissa Baden, and Dr. Sarah Baden. Two sons, Dr. Lindsey Baden, and the late Judson Baden. His son died a week later after he crashed his motorcycle.

Michael Baden Fox News Wikipedia

Michael is serving as a contributor to Fox News. he joined the FNC network in 2003. Dr. Baden feeds into the FNC network with expert analysis of forensic, medical, and investigative aspects of unnatural death as well as injury, including Homicide, accident, suicide, and mass disasters.

Additionally, the prominent forensic pathologist, Dr. Baden worked as a Chief Medical examiner in New York City.


Michael Baden George Floyd

In May 2020, Baden, along with Allecia M. Wilson was hired by the family of George Floyd, in regard to Floyd’s death after an encounter with Minneapolis Police, to perform an autopsy. The autopsy results ruled that the manner of death was a homicide due to mechanical asphyxia.

Moreover, this conflicts with the Hennepin County medical examiner’s autopsy which found that the cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest. Floyd’s family commissioned a second autopsy to be performed by Michael Baden and Allecia M. Wilson, Forensic and Pediatric Pathologists.

Nonetheless, from the evidence available to them, Baden and Wilson announced on June 1, 2020, that Floyd’s death was a homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression. Further, Floyd didn’t possess any underlying medical issue that led to his death. Baden said neck compression affected blood flow to the brain and even though the victim could speak it is not obvious that he could breathe.

Michael Baden Pres. John F. Kennedy/Dr. Michael Baden MLK

Dr. Baden was the lead chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations Forensic Pathology investigated the sudden demise of the 35th U.S. president, John F. Kennedy as well as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (the 1970s).

Michael Baden Oj Simpson

Baden testified at the trial of OJ Simpson at Sergeant Evan Vela’s court-martial. On August 10 and 11 of 1995, Baden made claims on the OJ Simpson trials, claims that he later disowned.

At first, he claimed that Nicole Brown was still standing and conscious when her throat was slashed. Moreover, he made this claim to dispute the theory that Brown was the intended target.

The prosecution later argued that Brown was murdered first before the intended target, and the sole reason is that the soles of her shoes did not have any blood stains, despite too much blood at the crime scene. Also, Brown was unconscious when her throat was cut because she had very few defensive wounds.

These claims by the prosecution made Dr. Baden later disown his initial claims at the subsequent civil trial the following year. Moreover
He admitted that it was abnormal to think that someone would stand still while their throat is being cut and not fight back.

His 2nd allegation which he later gave up on was that; Ron Goldman stayed conscious and resisted his killers for about 10 minutes with a severed jugular vein. The purpose of this testimony was to extend the length of time it took the murders to happen to secure OJ Simpson and Alabi.

In a subsequent civil trial, he denied ever making such claims and after being shown a clip of him making the above statements, he completely disowned it. Goldman’s attorney alleged that Baden was paid to say what he said.

Michael Baden Salary / Net Worth

From his practices as a pathologist for both public and private clients, Dr. Baden has accumulated huge amounts of income from his career over the years. With a decent salary of about $99,693 per year, he is estimated to have a net worth of $9 million as of 2021.

Michael Baden Books

He has co-authored dozens of professional articles and has written five books namely; UNNATURAL DEATH: Confession of a Medical Examiner(1989), DEAD RECKONING(2001), REMAINS SILENT(2005), SKELETON JUSTICE(2009)

Michael Baden Mike Brown

Baden was hired to conduct a private autopsy on the shooting of Michael Brown. Moreover, Baden conducted a four-hour autopsy on Michael Brown’s body at the request of the deceased family.

He conducted the autopsy without clothing or an x-ray to examine for gunpowder residue or bullet locations. Further, he concluded that his evidence was not enough to forensically reconstruct the shooting.

Michael Baden Eric Garner

Gerner’s family hired Dr. Baden to conduct an independent autopsy on Eric Garner’s body. Moreover, in agreement with the findings of the Medical Examiner’s Office, Dr. Baden gave results that Gerner’s death was primarily caused by “compression of the neck”. Additionally, Michael reported results of hemorrhaging around Gerner’s neck, an indicator of neck compression.

Michael Baden Tv Show

Baden is a Fox News contributor and an analyst of the HBO documentary series by the name “Autopsy”. Furthermore, he was described as the “Death Correspondent” on Fox’s late-night satirical program RED EYE, where he is a frequent guest.

Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Allecia Wilson

In May 2020, Baden and Dr. Allecia Wilson of the University of Michigan were hired to carry out an autopsy on George Floyd in regard to his death after an encounter with the Minneapolis Police