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Joe Kernen Biography and Wikipedia

Joe Kernen is an American journalist working as an anchor at CNBC. He is currently serving as the co-host of “Squawk Box” on the network. Apart from having a successful career journey, Joe has had various controversies in his line of duty. On 2013 September 20th, Kernen emulated an Indian intonation on the network’s “Squawk Box” show in the discussion of banknotes from India. He then inquired if the Indian rupee is believed to be money at “7-Eleven stores”. 

Kernen expressed regret on air after his colleague Rebecca responded that the statement was “offensive”. Later, Joe made an official apology stating that he is very apologetic for the inappropriate statement he made on Squawk Box.

In 2014 November, asked IDA Ireland chief executive Martin Shanahan in an interview the reason why Ireland never used the sterling pound. Additionally, he questioned if Scotland and Ireland are not one island. In short, he thought that the Republic of Ireland was in the United Kingdom. In 2014 February, Joe related a change in climate in the USA to witchcraft.

Joe Kernen's image
Joe Kernen’s image

Joe Kernen’s Age, Birthday, Nationality, and Ethnic Background

Kernen is currently 67 years old, born in 1956, on January 6th, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States of America. Moreover, he celebrates his birthday every 6th January of the year. Nevertheless, the Cincinnati native holds American nationality by birth

Joe Kernen Height, Weight, and Other Body measurements revealed

Kernen has an average height of 5ft 11inc (Approx. 1.78 m). However, his other body measurements including weight are currently not available publicly. READ MORE: Katie Walls Meteorologist, WSB, Age, Salary, Net Worth, Family, Husband,

Joe Kernen Family Background
| Parents and Siblings

Kernen is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born to his parents Joe Blake Kernen (father) and his mother whose name is not known to the public. Additionally, his dad worked as a doctor while his mother worked as a nurse. Kernen is born and also grew up in Western Hills, Cincinnati, USA.

Joe Kernen’s Wife/Spouse and Children Details Explained

Kernen is happily married to Penelope Scott Kernen. Penelope is a preceding product trader from Short Hills in New Jersey. The couple encountered this after Scott started working at CNBC in 1996. The amazing couple married in 1998 on a golf course. His pet names are The Hair and The Kahuna.

Joe Kernen Children/Kids (Son & Daughter)

Kernen and his wife are blessed with 2 amazing children. A daughter and a son named Blake Kernen (born 2000) and Scott Kernen respectively. Together with his daughter, Joe wrote a book called “Your Teacher Said What”

Joe Kernen Education Background

Kernen attended St. Xavier High School in 1974 and graduated. He proceeded to the University of Colorado at Boulder where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science, and biology.

Additionally, Joe attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated with a master’s degree in molecular biology. He also worked on cancer research at the institution.

About Joe Kernen’s House Now

Kernen loved and enjoyed their house in Tudor. The house is an old house and therefore they had to renovate it before starting to live there. Therefore, Joe and his wife Penelope employed a “dream home”
group to modernize their old N. J Residence, Architectural Digest reports.

The windows made of lead are all redone, and they got 4 pairs of authentic French doors in a cabinet in the basement. Additionally, they used them in the wet bar arcade. Penelope recounted that they also used the original hinges as well as brass doorknobs.

The standard Tudor in Short Hills, New Jersey, is a previous childhood home for Penelope Kernen. Due to the fact that it is a family house and Penelip spent her childhood there, she purchased it from her old mother prior to having been a family property for 45 years.

Moreover, she then chose to renovate it. Together with the assistance of the interior designers, builders, as well as architects, the duo modernized the home using each item from the house possible.

Joe Kernen’s Net Worth

Over the many years of work experience at CNBC, Joe has made significant wealth. His net worth is $ 20 Million.

Joe Kernen Salary:- How much money does Joe Kernen make?

Kernen earns a salary of $ 3 Million per year. His main source of income is primarily his job of being an anchor.

Joe Kernen Squawk Box

Kernen is co-host of “Squawk Box” which airs from M-F, 6 AM-9 AM ET on CNBC morning show. It is a quick, immaterial sight on the globe of Wall Street, as well as the prolonged airing program on CNBC. Joe is located at the network’s global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Joe Kernen CNBC Wikipedia

Kernen joined CNBC in 1991 as an affiliate of the Financial News Network (FNN). He started working with the station (FNN) after working as a stockbroker for a decade. In 1995, Joe began working as the co-anchor of “Squawk Box”.

Where is Joe Kernen today?

Joe works at NBC as an of “Squawk Box” which airs (M-F, 6 AM-9 AM ET). Kernen works from the network’s headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

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