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Renowned Deirdre Bosa now co-anchors the CNBC show “Tech Check,” which focuses on bio-coastal technology. In the year 2012, she joined the network. The Canadian Taiwanese -American reporter, formerly worked as a technology correspondent based out of the San Francisco Bureau of CNBC, where he was in charge of owning the top stories on well-known internet companies like Alibaba, Uber, Amazon, Huawei, and many others.

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Deirdre Bosa’s Image

Prior to that, she was a regular presence on-air as well as online as a CNBC contributor, corresponding from Vancouver, Canada. Moreover, Deirdre additionally served as a co-anchor in morning programs like “Worldwide Exchange,” “Squawk Box Europe” as well as “Squawk Box Asia”. Nonetheless, Bosa worked for numerous multinational corporations including Rio Tinto in Shanghai and Barrick Gold in Toronto.

Deirdre Bosa Age/Birthday and Nationality

Deirdre Bosa’s birthplace and exact date of birth are unknown to the general public, however it is known that she was born in San Francisco, California, to a Taiwanese mother and a Canadian lawyer father. But based on her images, she appears to be in her mid-30s.

Deirdre Bosa Height and Other Measurement

She is an averagely tall woman. Deirdre’s standing height is about 1.65 meters (5 feet 5 inches). READ MORE: Michael Santoli CNBC, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Salary & Net Worth

Parents, siblings, and history of the family of Deirdre Bosa

Bosa was born to a Canadian lawyer father and a Taiwanese mother whose names have not been made public. The majority of her private life is kept hidden by her preference. Moreover, no information about her siblings has been disclosed.

Deirdre Bosa Education Background

Deirdre Bosa enrolled at the University of Hong Kong and completed her Master’s program in the field of journalism. She also attended McGill University based in Montreal in Canada. Her early childhood education including high school education has not been shared but it is believed she attended school in her hometown.

Deirdre Bosa Husband/Spouse and Wedding or Married

The 19th of August 2014 saw the exchange of wedding vows between Bosa and Darryl Bosa. In addition, Darryl is a well-known businessman who previously co-founded the “China Great Wall Group” from 2007 February to 2012 June.

Additionally, he is a graduate of The University of British Columbia and currently works as a venture capital partner at ‘Bosa Properties’. Further, at the time of their wedding, Tamiz, a professional photographer, was spotted taking their beautiful event pictures.

Since their wedding day, the couple is reported to be sharing a healthy bond as perfect married partners. They also opened a joint Instagram which has remained inactive since 2014.

Deirdre Bosa Baby/ Children

Deirdre and her husband Darryl have a son who is their only child. Currently, they have one kid, Hiro Bosa, who was born on December 18, 2015. While working on the CNBC newsroom set, Deidre posted a photo of herself and the infant.

Deirdre Bosa Salary

Bosa has reportedly made a respectable wage while working for numerous network networks. Deirdre has determined that she earns a salary of $125,000 per year due to her extensive expertise as a writer and correspondent.

Deirdre Bosa Net Worth

Bosa has an estimated net worth of around $ 2 million. Furthermore having worked in the media industry for many years, therefore, have a sizeable fortune.

Deirdre Bosa CNBC Wikipedia

Deirdre Bosa is a Canadian co-anchor of CNBC’s bio-coastal tech-focused program “Tech Check”, which airs M-F, 11 AM-12 PM ET/8 AM-9 AM PT. Prior, Bosa worked as a technology columnist stationed at the San Francisco Bureau of CNBC, covering stories about the top-known name in tech from Amazon – Alphabet, key players in the tech scene like Huawei and Alibaba as well as Silicon Valley’s biggest disruptors from WeWork to Uber to Airbnb of China.

Moreover, she prior served as a regular presence on-air as well as online as a CNBC contributor, corresponding from Vancouver, Canada. Before joining CNBC, Deirdre worked for CCTV News International stationed in Beijing as a reporter and an anchor.

Moreover, at the time Bosa also served as a Fox Business News contributor. Nonetheless, she has served Rio Tinto in Shanghai as well as Barrick Gold in Toronto which are multinational corporations.

Deirdre began working with CNBC in 2012 whereby she was responsible for reporting on the economies and markets of Singapore and London. Among the shows, she has anchored include “Worldwide Exchange,” “Squawk Box Asia,” as well as “Squawk Box Europe.”

Deirdre Bosa Taiwanese

Deirdre is half-Taiwanese on her mother’s side.

How old is Deirdre Bosa?

Deirdre is reportedly around her 30s even though she has not shared most of her personal details.

Is Deirdre Bosa Canadian?

Yes, Deirdre is a Canadian citizen.