Daelo Walton Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, & Girlfriend

Daelo Walton Biography & Wikipedia

Daelo Walton gained notoriety for his role as Young Ashtray in the acclaimed HBO series Euphoria. His social media fan base grew as a result of this exposure. He is Javon Walton’s younger brother, who plays the role of Ashtray in the current day on Euphoria. He made his professional acting debut in an episode of Utopia before becoming well-known.

Who is Daelo Walton?

Actor for television Daelo Walton. As Young Ashtray in a popular HBO series, he performed a hit act as a young artist. He was in the movie Euphoria with Zendaya and Maude Apatow.

Daelo Walton Image
Daelo Jin Walton’s Image

The youngest of DJ and Jessica Walton’s four children is Daelo Jin Walton. He is Javon “Wanna” Walton’s younger brother. Wana is well-known for his roles as Ashtray in HBO’s critically acclaimed Euphoria and as “Sam Cleary” in MGM’s Samaritan. READ ALSO: Whitney Heard: 12 Key Fact Check, Wiki-Bio, Spouse & Net Worth

Daelo Walton Age and Birthday; How old is Daelo Jin Walton?

On June 1, 2014, Daelo Jin Walton now 9 years old was born in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia. He holds American nationality and definitely celebrates his birthday on the 1st of June each year.

Early Life of Daelo Walton

On June 1, 2014, Daelo Jin Walton was born. His sign is Gemini. Daelo Walton was born in the United States in Atlanta, Georgia, and he presently resides there with his family.

He is therefore of American descent. He is a member of the white ethnicity. Walton was raised in a Christian home and is a practicing Christian.

Walton enjoys playing sports, studying, and acting. In addition to acting and filmography, he is studying mathematics and playing basketball.

Due to his age, Daelo spent less time on social media, and his accounts are overseen by a guardian. Daelo exhibits a strong interest in boxing and other Olympics-related sports since his sibling trains for the sport.

Daelo Walton’s Brother and Parents

His mother, father, and three siblings make up his family. DJ Walton is his father, while Jessica Walton is his mother. Javon, Jaden, and Jayla Walton are the three siblings of Daelo Jin Walton.

Daelo Walton’s Career

Young American influencer Daelo Walton is an Instagram superstar. On a Utopia episode, he made his professional acting debut. He began his career as a social media celebrity, and as of right now, his Instagram handle has more than 170K followers.

He rose to fame on Instagram, and success has followed him ever since. In the Amazon Prime series Utopia, Daelo Jin Walton made his debut alongside his brother. Daelo Jin came to the realization that he, like his brother, wanted to act as a result of that event.

On Euphoria season 2, Daelo will reprise his brother’s role as the young “Ashtray,” but this time. Walton collaborated with well-known American actors Zendaya and Maude Apatow on the Euphoria series.

Additionally, he had a part in the movies No Days Off and an episode of Utopia. He is still a young child and is having difficulties in school and with other sports.

Along with performing, he had a lot of scholastic and sports commitments. But he still manages to accomplish well in his acting, athletics, education, and social media.

Walton is a well-known Instagram celebrity who rose to recognition by adding motivational words and Reels under his images. He is well-known on Instagram for his stellar performance there.

His Instagram handle, @onwardmumps, has more than 170 K Followers as of March 2021. With the assistance of his parents, he maintains a significant social media presence and has a large fan base.

His admirers express their appreciation for his performance by texting him, calling his phone number, emailing him, and sending him fan mail at his residence.

Daelo Jin Walton’s Personal Life

Walton is a little child. He is eight years old and has achieved extreme fame. Walton is not dating right now and is single. He is a student who is likely finishing his homework at a local school in the United States.

Even if he has gained notoriety, as of 2022, he is still too young to deal with the rumors that will surround him. He should attend class and put equal emphasis on his studies and career.

Daelo Walton Net Worth

Daelo Walton’s net worth is thought to be between $400,000 and $600,000. Walton is a budding actor who is still having difficulty. He recently entered the entertainment business as a young actor. He already knows that he wants to become an actor. He will undoubtedly become extremely wealthy in the upcoming years.

His current estimated net worth is $500,000. He does make a lot of money for his age and leads a pretty contented life with his well-known parents and siblings.

Daelo Walton Height, Eyes, Weight, and Other Features

Daelo Walton has a nice face and a cute appearance. Walton is around 150 centimeters, or 5 feet, tall. He weighs about 30 kg in total. Moreover, he has a lean physique.

His black hair contrasts with his dark brown eyes. This concludes our discussion of the budding superstar. We appreciate you reading this Daelo Walton article.

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